Colour My World

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"Colouring my world" works on Each colour representing a single aspect of learning. Viz a viz Red for passion, orange for food (because orange is a homonym for fruit) , yellow represented sunlight and so we used this colour to illustrate climate. Green for the environment, Blue of course is music (the blues) Indigo symbolised the arts and violet (purple) the roman colour of nobility is for historical heroes. This allows us to link sport, heritage, science, music, the arts, the environment and cuisine into a single common project. Crucially the colours combine to create white light and this is symbolic of the full spectrum of disciplines needed to create a rounded education.


Projekti sihtrühm:

Tallinna Kesklinna Vene Gümnaasiumi 6.-9. klasside õpilased



Pedagogical Innovation and Creativity

The innovative nature of this project is a consequence of embracing a 21st century model of the roles of the school, the teacher, the student, the family and the wider community. Our project relies on the premise that information is freely available on the internet but students and students need to actively evaluate that information. The project content encourages teachers to help students find appropriate paths of instruction and to guiding them into becoming independent learners and to be able to develop their ability to evaluate their own progress. It demands active learning by providing activities which require students to ask questions and to find answers through teamwork. It requires students to take ownership of their education inside and outside the classroom. It focuses on key competences as outlined by the DLL and generating confidences with these. The international collaboration within the partnership aims to provide a lifelong model for learning.


Curricular Integration

The project intended to develop that participants ability to communicate in languages both at mother tongue and otherwise . So MFL is developed in a practical context. Active participation in creating coaching manuels for Physical education develop cross curricular themes highlighting presentational skills both within ICT, verbal and film media. During cookery lessons, our students created dishes representing national cuisines of partners. Students participated in workshops presenting drama, music cookery, model making and craft lessons where the undertook a variety of project tasks Studying the lives of the science heroes will contextualise STEM in history. Students will familiarise themselves with other countries’ culture heritage, history, customs and traditions, thus enhancing a sense of personal, national and European identity. This allowed students to be proud of their own traditions while simultaneously developing respect for the traditions of others.



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